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4Sync vs. Dropbox. Oldies against Start-ups.

Reviewed on January 31, 2012
Submitted By: Roger Wilks Company Size: $5 Million - $10 Million in revenues
"The eternal problem of data loss pursues even power users. Nowadays there is a large quantity of the software, which allows to create a backup copy of the data and to avoid inconveniences with data storage.

But this wide variety makes it more complicated to choose the one and only storage service meeting all requirements. Storage services operate in the very simple way.

The only indispensable condition is to have a network access plus an installed client with the activated login account. Thousands of people got used to synchronize files using the well-known Dropbox.

But many other interesting services with similar functionality appeared. Perhaps, the most ambitious among them is 4Sync service.

What is the difference between 4Sync and Dropbox? This question we will try to answer in this review.

Dropbox has some minor drawbacks which displease users. Some people claim the absence of the good client for operations with files. Others are worried about the serious ""hole"" in the service security that has been found recently.

On the other hand Dropbox offers clients for Android, iOS and Blackberry, and 4sync doesn’t provide such services right now. The most important difference between these cloud services is the amount of free storage space. D

Dropbox gives users 2 Gb. 4sync offers 15 Gb of free storage space. As well as other similar services, Dropbox offers a premium account for those who need extra space (50GB for $9.99 per month and 100GB for $19.99 per month). However 4Sync has such tempting sentence within a free account that it’s quite possible to be quite happy with 15 GB.

4Sync as well as Dropbox allows sharing files. With 4Sync it is not necessary to be the registered user of the service in order to view folders. Shared access to directories can be fulfilled in the web interface. It’s not a secret that some users refuse to get paid services at Dropbox and many other similar services because of rather small memory space which is given for quite substantial sum of money - if to consider that it is required to pay regularly. New project “4Sync” is free from this disadvantage. This service is absolutely free.

Any person can store here any type of files, including music and films. There is no need to save your files on every device separately or download and upload files to save the updates.

Dropbox undoubtedly remains the leader among synchronization services. 4Sync can try to compete with it. Main benefit is obviously 15 GB of free storage space. And it’s only up to you to decide which one to use.

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Online Data Backup Software > Dropbox & Dropbox for Teams > Dropbox & Dropbox for Teams Reviews List

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